14 / 3 bedroom / 152 sqm / 4+5 fl - Křižíkova 115 Apartments

Apartment Basic Info

Status: Rented
Monthly rent: CZK

Pleasant three bedroom apartment with spacy living area connected with kitchen corner. There are two terraces in this apartment, the downstairs one is connected to the bedroom, the large one upstairs is where the other two bedrooms are. There is a standard bathroom on each floor. The apartment is fully furnished at the moment and is facing the Křižikova street as well the backyard.



The deposit is to cover usage of heat, hot and cold water.

The rent includes:

The rent doesn‘t include:

We take one month rent indvance as a deposit which is used for eventual damages or is fully returned at the end of the contract.


Flat type: 4 bedroom
Floor: 5th & 6th
Size: 152,13 sqm
facing the backyard as well the Křižíkova street

Monthly rent: 
(minimum stay 1 year)

Utilitiy deposit: 
(heating, hot and cold water)

We take two months rent indvance as a deposit which is used for eventual damages or is fully returned at the end of the contract.


Křižíkova 115 Apartments Basic Info

Moving to Prague for long term stay, beeing relocated? Then our Karlín apartment house might be your right choice. This booming business and leisure area will certainly make your time in Prague never to be forgotten. Be warmly welcome in our 1905 art-nouveau residence, which is after a complete reconstruction, but still full of history … We would like to offer you long term accommodation (minimum stay 1 year) in a beautiful art-nouveau house from the year 1907, which was completely reconstructed in 2004. In case you are coming to Prague for business or leisure stay, or need a long-term asylum for your frequent visits of the Czech Republic capital city, then AP.ART.MENTS are the right choice and we are ready to provide you with entire background and comfort. The house has been equipped with latest technology, its has got reception, own fittings room and for your relax you can use the backyard garden, plus much more - all this to make your stay as much pleasent and without worries as possible. On the other hand there has lasted the history and soul of an old house including all art-nouveau details. Apartments can be prepared furnished as well as unfurnished, depends on the discussion with a client. We are able to help with final set up of the apartment. If needed we can also move out already settled furniture and rent it empty, if the client brings own equipment. The actual offer of available apartments, including ground plans and photogallery, can be found under the Apartments links. In case of your interest, if you have additional questions or you would like to come for a visit, please don't hesitate to contact us. All contact channels can be found under the Contact link.



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