14 / 3 bedroom / 152 sqm / 4+5 fl

Pleasant three bedroom apartment with spacy living area connected with kitchen corner. There are two terraces in this apartment, the downstairs one is connected to the bedroom, the large one upstairs is where the other two bedrooms are. There is a standard bathroom on each floor. The apartment is fully furnished at the moment and is facing the Křižikova street as well the backyard.

Monthly rent: CZK



  • equipped kitched (cooking hob, washing machine, refridgerator, fume hood)
  • satellite and TV signal in all main rooms
  • phone and cable TV plugs ready to use
  • 2 bathroom
  • washing machine, dryer
  • floor heating system in bathroom
  • closet
  • 2 terasy
  • klimatizace
  • electronic alarm system with a possibility of SMS information
  • electronic check on fire and flooding
  • possibility of an apartment clean-up
  • oak wood floors
  • windows with triple glass anti noise system
  • easy parking in the area
  • possibility of secured parking close to the house
  • quarterly delivered a detailed report on water and heat usage


The deposit is to cover usage of heat, hot and cold water.

The rent includes:

  • house and around house cleaning (6 times a week)
  • housekeeper assistance
  • TV, satellite signal
  • waste disposal

The rent doesn‘t include:

  • electricity fees - an agreement with PRE (Pražská energetika) must be made
  • phone and internet fees - an agreement with provider can be made
  • TV and cable TV - an agreement with provider can be made

We take one month rent indvance as a deposit which is used for eventual damages or is fully returned at the end of the contract.


Flat type: 4 bedroom
Floor: 5th & 6th
Size: 152,13 sqm
facing the backyard as well the Křižíkova street

Monthly rent: 
(minimum stay 1 year)

Utilitiy deposit: 
(heating, hot and cold water)

We take two months rent indvance as a deposit which is used for eventual damages or is fully returned at the end of the contract.

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Moving to Prague for long term stay, beeing relocated? Then our Karlín apartment house might be your right choice. This booming business and leisure area will certainly make your time in Prague never to be forgotten. Be warmly welcome in our 1905 art-nouveau residence, which is after a complete reconstruction, but still full of history …

We would like to offer you long term accommodation (minimum stay 1 year) in a beautiful art-nouveau house from the year 1907, which was completely reconstructed in 2004. In case you are coming to Prague for business or leisure stay, or need a long-term asylum for your frequent visits of the Czech Republic…

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